See the world through the eyes of Persons with Intellectual Disability

The MINDS Film Festival (MFF) continues its run since its inauguration in 2017. Organised by MINDS and Singapore Film Society (SFS), the festival will be held over two Sundays in September, with back-to-back Community Screenings on each day.
MFF has become an important platform where we share meaningful and uplifting narratives of Persons with Intellectual Disability (PWIDs) and celebrate their gifts and abilities through film.
Every alternate year, the MFF will travel to the heartlands as part of MINDS’ efforts to promote greater awareness and understanding of intellectual disability (ID). MFF also encourages the community to play a more active role in supporting PWIDs and their families, and advocating for greater social inclusion. 
MFF Community Screenings have been devised to make watching movies more accessible for PWIDs and their families, and to encourage meaningful interactions between PWIDs and the general public. Admission is free, and seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.