In Our World
2021 | India | Documentary | English & Hindi with English Subtitles | 51min | PG

In Our World

2021 | India | Documentary | English & Hindi with English Subtitles | 51min | PG

Director: Shred Shreedhar
Cast: Aarav Amonkar, Vivek Singh, Krithik Shetty
Accolades: Winner for the Best Documentary Film and The Official Selection at The Crown International Film Festival 2022

“Special,” “Gifted,” “Different,”… Despite the vast inventory of words to describe children who are on the Autism Spectrum, we still understand so little about their worlds outside of the medical lens.

In Our World follows 3 children in their day-to-day lives – swimming classes, horse-riding, music lessons, special moments with their parents and therapists – and so much more, converging into a narrative that spells hope. The documentary aims to reveal the intricacies of their world and perhaps pave the way for OUR world, and for both to coexist with empathy and kindness.

Screening details

Date: 20 Aug (Sat)

Time: 4:00pm

About the Director

Shred Shreedhar is a filmmaker from India who has close to 22 years of experience in
films, television, digital content, branding and marketing. With In Our World, Shreedhar opens
a nuanced discourse on Autism Spectrum Disorder by exploring the lives of 3 children in the spectrum. The documentary has been officially selected for festivals in India, Norway and China among others.

His latest work is a nine-minute animated film on human trafficking titled Reena ki Kahani, which has won international acclaim. He runs a creative agency and production house called Shred Creative Lab in Mumbai, India.

Shreedhar will be attending the post-screening Q&A virtually.

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